Cope Floats

If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair. A human being that has certain propensities for quarrelling, filled with imagination and with appetite for the new and with respect for the old – somebody who takes good care of things and of people.

Connie Nielsen

This week, I’ve learned that posting once a week is nowhere near enough to detail life here (but does that mean I’m going to post more? Probably not.)

A majority of this week was spent getting into the rhythms of daily life. I’ve attended classes (and amazingly managed not to get lost in the maze that is DIS), begun designing my architecture projects, and, most importantly, gotten sick. A plague is sweeping through the streets of Copenhagen, and it is marked by runny noses and general lethargy. Not much for the dramatic, but still frustrating.

Outside of classes, I’ve done very little exploration as I’ve tried to beat this cold. Though I explored Nørrebro (the hipster part of town) with a class, that’s been one of the few new places I’ve been. I also finally travelled to Tivoli Gardens and pretended to be a 5 year old by climbing onto every ride possible in two hours. I’ve finally mastered public transit, so I finally feel confident enough to begin the process of determining where to travel next. I have booked flights to Oktoberfest with friends, so I’m extraordinarily excited for that! Other than that, I’m sure I’ll make a post of my travel “wish list” (and potentially a GoFundMe attached to it).

The sunsets this time of year are wonderful.

Apparently this was a “summerless summer,” so while we have had all of 5 beautiful days since I’ve gotten here, it’s already getting colder. I defied the odds and managed to pack all my clothes in half of a suitcase (the other half was architecture supplies), but that means I’m on the hunt for some bulky clothing to allow me to survive the winter. My school is located right next to the main shopping street of Copenhagen, Strøget, and I’m sure my father is going to have a stroke at that realization.

On the note of spending, I’ve discovered I am an official resident of Denmark, and can therefore work! Ever since I discovered that little factoid I’ve begun the hunt for a job. Considering the only communication I’ve had with my parents is receiving forwarded international spending alerts from my banks, I’m pretty sure my father will be overjoyed at the fact I can work 15 hour weeks in a country with an average wage of ~$16/hour.

I am writing this as I travel to Islands Brygge, and it is now time for my stop, so I bid you adieu.

Phrase of the week:
Tak for i dag
(tahk four ee dahy)
Literally translates to “thanks for the day”, it is the practically obligatory way to thank any person that you have just spent time during daylight with. If you have spent time in the evening, replace dag with “aften“, (off-ten)

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