Case containing an array of baked goods

Full Stomach & Empty Wallet: Copenhagen Edition

So long as you have food in your mouth you have solved all questions for the time being.

Franz Kafka

I’m a bit of a foodie, largely in part with the fact I’m the child of a chef who had a food blogger roommate, so I’m not one to say no to an amazing dining opportunity. There’s one caveat, though: ya girl is broke.

Copenhagen is a notoriously expensive city (it’s just as bad as London or Paris). However, I’m crazy lucky that my homestay family are just as epicurean as I am, and even more frugal than I. I have at least two meals a day taken care of from them (all three if we have leftovers) and I’m pretty sure that’s the sole reason I can still travel.

Here’s the list (in no particular order) of cheap eats I’ve found that have kept me from starving on many a day in Copenhagen when I forgot to pack my lunch. Good luck and enjoy to all you budget gourmands out there.

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Stress Baking is the Best Baking

This summer went by in a blur! Last Friday was my last day working at Mod, and I was kind of sad to go. I had some absolutely amazing coworkers and the work we did was actually super fun (when the deadlines were reasonable). I’m going to miss it there.

In honor of my last day, I decided to make a little something to bring into the office:¬†roasted apricot and basil scones¬†(and sangria). Continue reading “Stress Baking is the Best Baking”