Current Design Love: LT Josai

Even though I have nothing, I’m quite happy living like this.

Sasaki Haise

In honor of Valentine’s day, here’s a post in honor of my love, who always comes before anyone else: architecture.

If you know me, you might know I have a long-standing love affair with Japan. In elementary school I had a minor obsession with Bento boxes (that continues to this day– you should have seen how excited I got about my new lunchbox). I learned Japanese in the hopes that my best friend’s family would bring me with them on a vacation to Tokyo (it didn’t pan out). Even when choosing study abroad, I was a solid 50/50 split between Japan and Denmark, so I applied to both. Obviously, I didn’t get in.

However, I still continued to be inspired by Japan, whether it be embracing a Wabi-Sabi lifestyle or their designs. The current design project I am working on is an extraordinarily small communal living space in a diverse neighborhood of Copenhagen, and I’ve found myself consistently drawn to Japanese precedents in communal housing. Here’s a bit of a case study I did for class that is helping me stay in love with architecture.

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