Cope Floats

If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair. A human being that has certain propensities for quarrelling, filled with imagination and with appetite for the new and with respect for the old – somebody who takes good care of things and of people.

Connie Nielsen

This week, I’ve learned that posting once a week is nowhere near enough to detail life here (but does that mean I’m going to post more? Probably not.)
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A Not-So-Novel Post: My Summer Reads

Anyone who knows me has some story about how I devoured a monster of a book in an illogically short amount of time (or spent an entire lake trip locked inside with my nose in a book). Since going to college, I’ve fallen off the bookworm wagon a decent bit, and Audible has been the only real way I’ve had time to finish any book. However, I’ve vowed to consume as many pages as I can this summer, so here’s 6 books that are on my to-read shelf:

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